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Checkboxes + Emails

Alright, good progress now. There are checkboxes beside each item so that if you don't need whatever it is you can uncheck it and it'll be subtracted from the total cost of the project. Also, welcome emails will be sent to all users that signup through google or facebook.

Been awhile

Its been awhile since I posted but i'm still working hard. Fixing minor bugs with the responsive pages on the site. The major things I want to do next:
- Fix notesbox for mobile
- Build Descriptions
- Text under images
- Finish User pages (level/friends system)
- Make the user pages responsive
- Send welcome emails on signup

Responsive pages

A big thing left to finish is making all the pages work properly on mobile. I've been playing around with the build pages and changed a ton of stuff. Now on your phone it should be all laid out in one row so you can scroll down. I think this is probably the best way to do things.

Doing things right

I was thinking about this the other day.. this is my biggest project yet and its probably the thing I am most proud of making. I'm happy with the look, feel and concept of the site. I believe it could be a 'winner' and really take hold. So the sooner I can get it out there the better. It took me months to come up with a name and now that I have one I feel like its perfect. I'm glad I took the time to wait and see all my options first.

Getter' done

I've been working hard on some technical aspects of the site. Now when you add a build it will automatically apend your url to the end of our Sitemap so that google can index your pages! I think this will be a big help in getting organic traffic to the site.
I still need to... finish the user pages, come up with a better search/browse, add some kind of like button, add a build description box and add a build comment box! These are the main factors I want to complete before moving forward with marketing. Once all that is done i'll feel much more confident when people browse the site.


Finally got the SSL certificate issue with GoDaddy sorted out.. that only took a couple of days. I love having the little green lock symbol in the url bar, makes things seem more official. The edit builds feature has been officially implemented and now users can make changes to their project pages. I'm going to add a Drag and drop to upload images feature next so that people don't have to find URLs for their images or host them on other sites.

Long days.. even longer nights

Whoops, haven't posted on here for a bit. Been doing lots of work though! Few graphical things and some great ideas have come up. I'll add them to the update list here. Time to pump out the Exp / leveling system and finish the profile pages. Then its off to sleep.

Making progress

It's 12:33AM.. of the 14th. I'm logging this as the 13th though because it feels like yesterday. Got lots of work done today! The user profile pages are nearing completion.

I've decided to switch over the revenue model of the site to ad revenue rather than homeDepot affiliate sales. This could potentially bring in even more users and generate even more money. Exciting stuff. I've decided to base user's earnings off of the amount of collective views their builds rack up each day. So the more builds you have (and the more you share them) the more you will earn. Because I don't want to track potentially thousands of user's earnings i'm going to have to come up with some kind of system for payouts. Apparently the CPM for home improvement sites can get up to $25/1000 visitors which would be insane.
Imagine 5000 builds on the site getting on average 100 views per day. That would be 500,000 pageviews a DAY.. and assuming that the CPM is at least $10/1000 visits we are talking about $5000/day. I think 1/3 of all ad revenue will go towards the user that posted the build. Maybe the level system will determine how much they make.. i'm not sure yet. So say a user posts 20 builds in a month.. on average they get 25k views each throughout the month. Thats 20x 25,000 or 500,000 page views! With them earning 1/3 of the revenue that could be $1250 - $2000 per month for that user. That's almost an income! What if one day posting on this site was someones fulltime job..

That made my jaw drop.. This is going to be a hard journey but I am so ready. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Hammering away

6:28PM right now. About to head out to a resturant for one of my bud's birthdays but when I return it's back to work. Still working on the user profile pages. Got a nice graph added! This will show earnings for users updated daily. I'm going to setup a PHP cron job so that every 24 hours it will take your earnings for the day and plot another dot on the graph. I think it looks good. When it's all completed I want the profile pages to look like this Still lots of work to be done! Hopefully I can get it all finished tomorrow sometime.

Taking the first step, each day..

It's currently 12:15PM PST and I haven't done anything as far as business today. It's time to get motivated and start working. I can't let summer slip away and go back to wishful thinking.
Here we go.

EDIT: It's 11:57PM now.. I've been working away at this for awhile now. You can see the user profile pages (so far) by clicking on your profile picture in the bottom dashboard.

What's next

Today has been decent so far.. I need to get more motivated though. Time to make a coffee and turn up the music. I really need to get moving on, the opportunity is right in front of me. I started reading "The $100 startup" Written by Chris Guillebeau and it's really inspiring. It's all about people who stray from the 9-5 jobs in an effort to make a living the way they want. Starting a business from next to nothing and being your own boss.

I'm going to try and get some features finished on here and hopefully put up some builds ASAP. SocialMediaExplode is growing at a steady rate but i'm not sure if I should invest any money into the SEO side of it. It has a Page rank of 2 at the moment and I would like to see it get up to a 4 or a 5 in the next month or two.

I noticed that shows up when you google 'diyabble' now which is nice. I've change the meta description and title around a bit to make it look a a little better, hopefully that is visible soon.

I am really proud of Diyabble right now. Even though I have no users and the site isn't really launched yet I am happy with what it is. I think it looks and feels the way I want it to, also the name is catchy (to me). I wish I had an easier way for people to get the materials to post a build rather than going to the HomeDepot site. I'll come up with something better sooner or later. Often times i'll write some code in php or javascript and a few weeks later when I want to change part of it i'll think, "wow, I wrote that? I must have been on a roll." Sometimes I surprise myself and it makes me feel good!

I was thinking about the future of this site and how I would like to see myself.. I'm picturing a small office in California where I get to talk to and collaborate with people like myself. Right now I'm in a small city in Canada and technology isn't exactly the focus of the town.. Having some good connections with people who are inspired to code would make my life so much better. If I had an office in Cali I would make it the most fun place to work. Open floor plan, hardwood flooring, big windows with lots of sunlight and some beanbag chairs to chill out and take a break every once in awhile. Someday I will achieve this dream, it's just a matter of time.

About the blog

It's saturday today. My university holidays have just begun and i'm looking forward to putting time into Diyabble. My application to HomeDepot's affiliate program was declined.. I'm not worried though. It's making me work harder towards improving the site so it's no big deal. I'll get there eventually.

I got some social media done for the site the other day. (youtube, twitter and this blog) I'm not sure how much they'll help the site overall but I think its a good idea to have. I want to get through a few of the updates on here.

To be quite honest idk if anyone will ever read this blog but it feels good to just vent some of my thoughts and write. I'm tired of living an average life doing average things.. I need to make this site a success so I can have some self assurance in what i'm doing. University has been a mediocre experience this far. Maybe its because I'm not applying myself as much as I could be but everything seems so systematic. Like I have to work towards a goal so that I can have a peice of paper that allows me to work for someone else later in life.

I love working and I love to code but sitting behind a desk and taking orders is not where I want to go. I need some creative expression, I want to make things that people like to use and I would love to work with someone(s) on things in the future. I told myself when I started university that I was mainly going to make connections with people that had the same passion as me for being technological entrepreneurs. So far I haven't made that connection yet with a single other student even though i've tried to branch out to many. Most of them are too focused on school or something else. I can't find anyone that shares the same drive that keeps me awake at night. I met one guy in my business class (who is also in my programming class) named Andrew. He has some big ambitions for the future but he wants to spend this summer working on a 2D sidescrolling game.

Its a big task.. and it will be a great learning experience for him i'm sure, but its not exactly something I want to get into at this point. I'm ready for a big change in my life, something that will get me excited for each and every day. I had the awesome opportunity to be a part of in the past week and I have a 50/50 ownership agreement with the previous owner. Hopefully it will become a good source of income but I still want Diyabble to be the real success.


Welcome to the Diyabble blog. This is my first post and I'm going to try and write a new blurb every day on here. Just a little something for myself to get some thoughts off my mind or say anything that's on my chest.

If you have any comments, questions or whatever feel free to email me!
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